The future of Shapiro Cohen has arrived

We’re thrilled to announce that Shapiro Cohen is undergoing a significant and exciting transformation. Mirroring the success of our firm and expanding nature of the industry, we’ve undergone a name change as a part of an extensive rebrand.

This brand metamorphosis is representative of the evolution that our firm has undergone since its founding in 1963. Our commitment and fierce dedication to the protection of our clients’ creativity, innovation and ingenuity remain the same. Rest assured, AVENTUM will continue to be at the forefront of safeguarding your intellectual property through strategic, thoughtful counsel.

Thank you for supporting us as we continue to progress and evolve as a firm.


Chantal Bertoša

Chantal Bertoša B.C.L. | LL.B.

Managing Partner

Victoria Carrington

Victoria Carrington DDS | LL.B.

Managing Partner

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