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Ensuring that the rights of individuals and businesses are
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We tailor our service
to your needs

Our highly experienced professionals consider your success as paramount. As a boutique intellectual property law firm, Aventum IP Law LLP is able to provide cost effective, highly responsive service tailored to your specific needs - as well as the professional needs of your team.


We protect your entire business
by protecting your IP

We offer tactical advice about where you should invest in IP protection - depending on whether your goal is to protect your own invention, prohibit the activity of other companies, or make an idea commercially available.


We manage international filings

We manage filings throughout the world and support our clients in their efforts to penetrate foreign markets. We continuously develop our international network to meet increasing demand among our clients for legal representation abroad.

Why protect your IP?

You deserve to have control and ownership of your creativity, brand and innovations. No idea comes without significant sacrifice and you deserve to be known as its originator, to be protected from having it claimed by another and to profit accordingly from it.

Aventum understands that timing is everything and that clients need an IP partner they can trust to map out the best course of action now and in the future.

Do you need
IP protection?

Your intellectual property, such as your ideas, brands and inventions, are your key differentiators. If they are valuable to you and if your business is at risk if you lose them, you need to protect them.

Other questions to ask yourself are:


How do you know if you should patent your invention, or if trademark or copyright protection would be more appropriate?


Is it worth spending the money to protect whatever gives you a competitive edge over your competitors? What should you prioritize?


How do the laws differ between provinces? How do language laws affect you if you do business in the Province of Quebec?


Do you need protection in every country where you do business?


How do you protect your IP when you need to share it with employees or third parties?


Do you advertise, have a web site, collect private information?


Do you package or sell goods that require adherence to standards?


Do you import or export goods or services?

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