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By Katie Wang,
Industrial Design

Canada’s New Industrial Design Act and Regulations Came Into Force on November 5, 2018

On November 5, 2018, substantial amendments to the Industrial Design Act and Regulation came into force.  Major changes include Canada’s Accession to the Hague Agreement and amendments modernizing Canada’s industrial design law, as previously discussed.
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By Aventum IP Law,

Aventum’s Ashley Dumouchel is Making Waves in Cannabis Law

Ashley Dumouchel, lawyer with Aventum IP Law LLP, Ottawa, on the need to build globally recognizable brands

“The cannabis industry is very heavily regulated in terms of branding, labelling and packaging. I think the success of individual companies is going to rely on avoiding regulatory issues. The industry players need to manage their businesses within those branding regulations, but explore where the boundaries are.

"I think licensed producers can operate within the regulations and still distinguish themselves in the marketplace. If they can build strong brands now – and I think that is possible even with the regulatory hurdles – then they can eventually become known worldwide and export to other countries.”
Click here for the full article featured in the Globe and Mail.

For more information contact, Ashley Dumouchel.

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By Chantal Bertosa,
Cannabis, Intellectual Property

Operating a Cannabis Business? Identify your Competitive Advantage.

Canada will make its mark in history on October 17, 2018, when recreational cannabis will be legalized in Canada. There will be a huge influx of products and services that will be available to consumers in the next few years. With an industry expected to generate billions of dollars in revenues, new businesses will be created, which will lead to an increase in competition.
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By Katie Wang,
Industrial Design

Proposed New Industrial Design Regulations in Canada

On June 27, 2018 the Government of Canada published the new Industrial Design Regulations in the Canada Gazette. The new Regulations are to carry out amendments made to the Industrial Design Act in 2014, and to facilitate Canada’s accession to the Hague Agreement.
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By Ashley Dumouchel,
Copyright, Trademark

Brand Architects: Helping your Clients Protect their Assets

Graphic designers, marketing agencies, product photographers – you are brand architects – you design the brand house that your clients live in and become known by. Part of your responsibility as a brand architect is ensuring that the product you deliver is a unique and protectable business asset. That’s a big responsibility.
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